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Custom Tools

You can create the tools that you need for yor application by using the Tool class.

A tool is comprised of an async execute function, a name, a description, and a schema for the input parameters.

Example: Calculator Tool

import { Tool, zodSchema } from "modelfusion";
import { z } from "zod";

const calculator = new Tool({
name: "calculator",
description: "Execute a calculation",

// The input schema describes the parameters that the tool expects.
// You can use any ModelFusion schema (here: ZodSchema).
parameters: zodSchema(
a: z.number().describe("The first number."),
b: z.number().describe("The second number."),
operator: z
.enum(["+", "-", "*", "/"])
.describe("The operator (+, -, *, /)."),

// The execute function is called with the parameters.
execute: async ({ a, b, operator }) => {
switch (operator) {
case "+":
return a + b;
case "-":
return a - b;
case "*":
return a * b;
case "/":
return a / b;
throw new Error(`Unknown operator: ${operator}`);