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Hugging Face


  1. You can get an API key from Hugging Face.
  2. The API key can be configured as an environment variable (HUGGINGFACE_API_KEY) or passed in as an option into the model constructor.

Model Functions


If the model is not loaded on Hugging Face, ModelFusion will wait by default. This can take a minute and longer for the first call. You can override this behavior by setting waitForModel to false in the model settings.

Generate Text

HuggingFaceTextGenerationModel API

import { huggingface, generateText } from "modelfusion";

const text = await generateText({
model: huggingface.TextGenerator({
model: "tiiuae/falcon-7b",
temperature: 700,
maxNewTokens: 500,
prompt: "Write a short story about a robot learning to love:\n\n",

Embed Text

HuggingFaceTextEmbeddingModel API

Text embeddings are using the HuggingFace feature extract pipeline.

import { huggingface, embedMany } from "modelfusion";

const embeddings = await embedMany({
model: huggingface.TextEmbedder({
model: "intfloat/e5-base-v2",
dimensions: 768,
values: [
"At first, Nox didn't know what to do with the pup.",
"He keenly observed and absorbed everything around him, from the birds in the sky to the trees in the forest.",


API Configuration

Hugging Face API Configuration

const api = huggingface.Api({
apiKey: "my-api-key",
// ...

const model = huggingface.TextGenerator({
// ...