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Demo Apps

Chatbot (Next.JS)

Next.js app, OpenAI GPT-3.5-turbo, streaming, abort handling

A web chat with an AI assistant, implemented as a Next.js app.

Chat with PDF

terminal app, PDF parsing, in memory vector indices, retrieval augmented generation, hypothetical document embedding

Ask questions about a PDF document and get answers from the document.

Next.js / ModelFusion Demos

Next.js app, image generation, transcription, object streaming, OpenAI, Stability AI, Ollama

Examples of using ModelFusion with Next.js 14 (App Router):

  • image generation
  • voice recording & transcription
  • object streaming

Duplex Speech Streaming (using Vite/React & ModelFusion Server/Fastify)

Speech Streaming, OpenAI, Elevenlabs streaming, Vite, Fastify, ModelFusion Server

Given a prompt, the server returns both a text and a speech stream response.

BabyAGI Agent

terminal app, agent, BabyAGI

TypeScript implementation of the BabyAGI classic and BabyBeeAGI.

Wikipedia Agent

terminal app, ReAct agent, GPT-4, OpenAI functions, tools

Get answers to questions from Wikipedia, e.g. "Who was born first, Einstein or Picasso?"

Middle school math agent

terminal app, agent, tools, GPT-4

Small agent that solves middle school math problems. It uses a calculator tool to solve the problems.

PDF to Tweet

terminal app, PDF parsing, recursive information extraction, in memory vector index, _style example retrieval, OpenAI GPT-4, cost calculation

Extracts information about a topic from a PDF and writes a tweet in your own style about it.

Cloudflare Workers

Cloudflare, OpenAI

Generate text on a Cloudflare Worker using ModelFusion and OpenAI.